Hi Frank,

I just wanted to show you what came of the hexacomb we bought from you last year. It was the perfect material, we were really happy with how it turned out. The reflective material is called Mylar and is used to reflect the sunlight off the surface without transferring any heat. The yurt remained cool during the day and warm at night!

You should definitely advertise that you sell hexacomb. Burning Man is around the first week of september but people start planning up to 6 months prior so people search online for it. Please use this photo is you want!

Thanks again Frank, it was great doing business with you.


In our first couple of blogs I’ve mentioned the fact that plastic bags are on they’re way out. I encourage all of you to look at your particular ordinance but I thought that I’d address the new law going into effect in San Francisco October of 2012.

The City and County of San Francisco recently approved a new law, amending Chapter 17 of the Environment Code, extending the plastic checkout bag ban to include all retail establishments (stores) and adding a charge on allowed checkout bags.

Buying Recycled Shopping Bags

When last we spoke we explained to you the difference between shopping bags, merchandise or millinery bags and sos or grocery bags. We told you that the fold on the side is called…….anyone…..anyone….the gusset and that if you wanted to comply with the various ordinances that are springing up in your communities to be eco friendly, stop using plastic bags and move to a better option, that option would be our [seo type="recycled"]100% recycled shopping bags[/seo].

What if you don’t’ want a brown or white bag but still want to be in that recycle club?
The shopping bags to choose are called [seo type="kraft"]Kraft Tint Shopping Bags[/seo] and ladies and gentlemen these are not your grandmothers’ shopping bags. These kraft tint shopping bags, brown on the inside with a coating of various delicious colors on the outside, will comply with all regulations and ordinances to be made from just the right amount of recycled waste.
They come in 3 popular sizes and can be found on our site under Kraft Tint Shopping Bags.

One thing to keep in mind and something that I’ll speak to you about later is that all of these bags can be hot stamped or printed in as few as one case at a time. In accordance with all regulations we always use water based inks and our foil is 100% recyclable.

For the most part, paper bags MUST be made from 100% recycled materials and must say that on the bag along with the recycled content the manufactures name and state where manufactured. ALL our compatible bags so state.

How to Shop for Shopping Bags

It always happens that we get a phone call from a customer who wants bags. “what kind of bags do you want,?” we ask. “You know about the size to hold a thing a ma jig and a whatchamacallit”

We’ve got to explain right here and now that we have no idea what those items are so next time when you have a need for a bag, here are a few pointers to help us both get you the right product for the job.

You always measure a bag with the opening on the top. Then measure left to right. IF there is a fold on the side, from here on out called a gusset, the second measurement we need is that one and then the last measurement would be the height; that’s from top to bottom. So to repeat that’s (with the opening on the top) width, depth and height.

Another very very important thing to remember is that a [seo type="shopping"]paper bag with a handle[/seo] above the bag is called a shopping bag. A bag that you put a greeting card in or a bag you use to hold a magazine is usually called a [seo type="merchandise"]merchandise or millinery bag[/seo] and last but not least, a bag without a handle but still has a fold on the side (who remembers what we are calling that? RIGHT!!!! A gusset), a bag that also has a flat bottom is called a SOS bag or a grocery bag.

The least expensive bag to get is a [seo type="kraft"]plain kraft brown bag[/seo] followed closely by a <a href=”/white-paper-shopping-bags/”>plain kraft white bag</a>. These bags can be found under <a href=”/shopping-paper-bags-plain/”>plain shopping bags</a>. These plain shopping bags are made from 50% recycled content and as most of you know this % of content are becoming more and more important depending on where you live.

The next category is [seo type="recycled"]recycled shopping bags[/seo]. Both the brown kraft and the white kraft in

this category is made from 100% recycled content and comes with the appropriate emblems stating so. You can find those bags on our website under Shopping Bags 100% recycled.

As of this posting you will have many more size choices in the 50% recycled shopping bags. All sizes are available in 100% recycled but for now those size choices are limited if you want a small quantity of bags. Be sure to call our [seo type="contact"]customer service[/seo] department at 1- 866-296-7130 to find out more about these bag categories.