How to Shop for Shopping Bags

It always happens that we get a phone call from a customer who wants bags. “what kind of bags do you want,?” we ask. “You know about the size to hold a thing a ma jig and a whatchamacallit”

We’ve got to explain right here and now that we have no idea what those items are so next time when you have a need for a bag, here are a few pointers to help us both get you the right product for the job.

You always measure a bag with the opening on the top. Then measure left to right. IF there is a fold on the side, from here on out called a gusset, the second measurement we need is that one and then the last measurement would be the height; that’s from top to bottom. So to repeat that’s (with the opening on the top) width, depth and height.

Another very very important thing to remember is that a [seo type="shopping"]paper bag with a handle[/seo] above the bag is called a shopping bag. A bag that you put a greeting card in or a bag you use to hold a magazine is usually called a [seo type="merchandise"]merchandise or millinery bag[/seo] and last but not least, a bag without a handle but still has a fold on the side (who remembers what we are calling that? RIGHT!!!! A gusset), a bag that also has a flat bottom is called a SOS bag or a grocery bag.

The least expensive bag to get is a [seo type="kraft"]plain kraft brown bag[/seo] followed closely by a <a href=”/white-paper-shopping-bags/”>plain kraft white bag</a>. These bags can be found under <a href=”/shopping-paper-bags-plain/”>plain shopping bags</a>. These plain shopping bags are made from 50% recycled content and as most of you know this % of content are becoming more and more important depending on where you live.

The next category is [seo type="recycled"]recycled shopping bags[/seo]. Both the brown kraft and the white kraft in

this category is made from 100% recycled content and comes with the appropriate emblems stating so. You can find those bags on our website under Shopping Bags 100% recycled.

As of this posting you will have many more size choices in the 50% recycled shopping bags. All sizes are available in 100% recycled but for now those size choices are limited if you want a small quantity of bags. Be sure to call our [seo type="contact"]customer service[/seo] department at 1- 866-296-7130 to find out more about these bag categories.

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